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CaterDay provide a wide range of services required to meet most construction and design projects. Including planning specialist and timber frame construction
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specialist planning advice:
If you own land and would like to develop it, you probably will need planning permission. With our help (often on a No Win, No Fee basis) you can avoid the usual pressures associated with land development. If on a no win no fee, we’ll not only undertake all the investment and fund every stage of the process, but we’ll also take all the risk away from you, the landowner. Our fee will then be based on the uplift on the land value. Our experts have extensive knowledge surrounding land policies, including insight into complex planning procedures and terminology. Crucially, they know when it is the right time to put forward your land, which varies between different councils. This all helps to identify the planning merits of your particular land and thus put your case in a professional and persuasive way.


Self Build:
The self build route is the future to achieve better homes. We offer a combined architecture and structural design package, this has the advantage of providing a more integrated design to meet your requirements without the hassle of appointing separate consultants.

Building control applications:
We can help you ensure your buildings are accessible and meet all statutory requirements. Our services ensure your building meets health and safety standards, energy saving provisions are attained and premises are fully accessible for use, through the application of National Building Regulations.

Tensile Fabric Canopies:
We are one of the few consultants in the Uk with specialist expertise in tension structures. With over 20 years experience we can design large or small canopies in a variety of materials

timber frame structural design:
Timber Frame has many advantages over traditional concrete block construction, namely air tightness, speed and warmth. That is why CaterDay have dedicated specific resources to promoting timber use in construction Timber Frame design and compliance with Code for Sustainable Homes, EcoHomes and BREEAM assessments. These areas are complimented with fully accredited staff to complete SAP (Standard Assessment Procedures) and SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) calculations from early design stage to the issuing of EPC (Energy Performance Certificates). All SBEM calculations are achieved via the full thermal modelling method. As a result they offer extensive design assistance, maximising building performance for the end user. Our suppliers in depth knowledge of sustainable and energy saving issues links directly with planning application advice, thus providing a comprehensive service for Clients, Designers and Builders.

Reinforced concrete design:

Renewable Energy strategies:

sustainability design reports:

Environmental Impact assessment:

Flood risk analysis:

Structural surveys:

Sustainable Urban Drainage design:

SAP calculations:
Energy use and thermal efficiency calculations to meet building regulations, Code for sustainable homes and Passive House requirements

Structural calculations: